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UC Extension Course

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I offer a four-Saturday UC Berkeley Extension workshop with some regularity--sometimes in Berkeley, sometimes in San Francisco. Register at http://www.unex.berkeley.edu/.


Next scheduled workshops:


The Confident Writer

Oct. 7 - Oct. 28




Writing remains an essential skill for professionals in almost every field, yet many of us are so out of practice and confused by rules that even simple projects fill us with anxiety. These four intensive workshop meetings offer sensible advice, expose myths and lay out an approach to writing that help you communicate more clearly and confidently. Each workshop includes lecture, discussion and exercises.


Download the Whiskey Model Assignment Template:WhiskeyModel_Template.docx

Download Assignment 3 Choice 4 (Subject/Verb Identification): Assignment 3 Choice 4.docx

Download the course reader: UNEX_The Confident Writer - Fall 2017 2.pdf

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