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Get Over the Hurdle

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  • Write out a phone conversation about the topic with the person on the line asking you a lot of questions.
  • Write about the topic in a very unprofessional way: a bit of humor, an emotional letter to a friend. Just get the info out anyway it comes. Then go back and ask, "What will it take to turn this into professional writing."
  • Say aloud: "What I'm really trying to say is...." What comes out is usually helpful.
  • For a headline, imagine bursting into a room and exclaiming....
  • Use the following transition exercise. Do five minutes of free association -- write down any words or phrases that come to mind; they may or may not be related to your project. Now imagine a very relaxing scene: sitting at the beach or in the backyard, all quiet, no pressure, and write little details of the scene...what you see, hear, feel, smell. Now try thinking about your topic.

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